What Is So Great About Learning How To Dance Salsa

Salsa dancing is a very sexy and sultry dance form. This Latin dance is powered by Afro-European music with Cuban melodies and South American rhythm. To watch good Salsa dancers is a great joy because it is a very passionate and vibrant dance and is well known throughout the world for its shifty elegant footwork and very sexy movements.

There are many reasons why this dance is so popular and here are some of the reasons that if you choose to take up dancing, then Salsa could be the dance for you.


For starters, The Salsa is a very robust dance and therefore it is a fantastic cardio workout. It is an excellent substitute for your workout on the boring treadmill or stepper machine. Since you are dancing with a partner, there will be many hand movements, spins and carrying or supporting your dance partner, all these actions will also tone up your arms, core, back and leg muscles. That is why it gives you a great complete body workout in a fun way. Take good look at all good Salsa dancers. They all have good strong bodies and look very fit and healthy.

As said earlier, this dance is a great workout and more than that, it also improves your reflexes and flexibility. This is because this dance form requires a lot of coordination and dexterity.

If you want to increase your self confidence, then Salsa dancing will help you boost your self esteem. The Salsa is a vibrant and vigorous dance and thus learning how to dance Salsa helps you to understand your body’s biomechanics and how to move across the dance floor often with many people watching your form and slick moves. In this way, it thus helps you to feel comfortable with people staring at you as you are already performing for an audience.

Unknown to many people, The Salsa is a combination of many other dance forms and yet is not rigid as it requires on the spot improvisations from the dancers. If you can dance Salsa well, you can also learn to be a great dancer of related forms such as The Rhumba, The Mambo and various dances of Latin origin or influences since these other dances share the same principles and basics with almost similar music and rhythms.

Now here comes the sexy part. Since your dancing partner is of the opposite sex, Salsa dancing can teach you how to interact with her or him or the opposite sex in general. Therefore it will improve your confidence and the way you relate to the opposite sex. Thus it may add some truth when people say that a good dancer makes a great lover.

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Now, this dance not only improves your relationship with the opposite sex, it helps in your social life too. This is because since dancing is a social activity, it cannot be done alone. You naturally have to meet other people when you are out dancing in any venue. So you have to interact and socialize with people, not just your partner.

Actually, the main and most basic reason to learn Salsa dancing is simply because it is fun. So if you want to have great fun along with fantastic workouts and meeting new people, then you should learn how to dance The Salsa.