6 Best Tips For Salsa Dancing

Salsa is a Latin dance style that is gaining popularity by the day. Everyone is learning this dance move, and soon it will go international. Salsa dancing is a good way of getting physically active as well as the creation of a larger social circle. Nevertheless, salsa moves may prove to be difficult for some while to some it may appear easy. Here are some salsa dancing tips for women.


Be open minded

Everything begins in the mind. Once you can convince yourself that you can dance salsa well, then, that will be the beginning of a successful journey.It will give you’re the energy to move on even when you feel discouraged or tired. It will also keep you always motivated which is good for salsa dancing.

Be flexible

The most common problem that trainers experience is the lack of flexibility among the learners. Flexibility will make your moves smoother. It is mainly gained by practicing movement of isolated parts of the body. The simple trick in this is to keep your knees flexed. Otherwise, you may either lose balance during the dance and topple over or initiate your movements late. Staying on the balls of your feet will also aid your smooth movements.

Using the mirror

Watching yourself dancing in the mirror will help you keep yourself in check regarding maintaining the correct dancing moves. It will also help with the alignments of your body parts so that they move correctly.

Watch others

We can learn the steps and movements by simply watching others do it. This can be achieved by watching others live or by watching salsa videos. When we watch, it sinks better into our brains, and you will have a pictorial of what is expected.

Be in the moment

Salsa is all about the steps and as beginners we concentrate majorly on the steps we make. Well, this is acceptable but as we progress we are required to internalize the moves. This will make us more flexible and enjoy the dance.



Finally, the impression on our faces will tell it all. A smile will always give away a warm look both to your partner and audience. It is a show of confidence to the audience, and everyone would want to meet you after the dance!
Like any other dancing, salsa dancing requires commitment and discipline from those who wish to learn it. When we follow these tips, we indeed will notice the ease of learning this dance move.